Welcome to the Book Timeline! This is currently a W.I.P. and will include order of events from every book.

Twenty First Century Edit

2020s CE Edit

  • Cyro Chambers are created.
  • Project Ark Ship has started.
  • It is calculated that it would take 300 years to reach Centauri Earth. They decided to use the cyro chambers.
  • 100 important people are selected to be frozen in the cyro chambers.

2035 CEEdit

  • Amy explains to her boyfriend Jason how it feel to run (in her perspective) and that her dream is to be in the New York running marathon.
  • Amy soon hears that her mother and father are going to be frozen in a few days. Her parents beg the staff to let her come. They agree and Amt's dad gives her a choice. She makes the decision to go with them and says goodbye to Jason.
  • Amy and Jason go on their last date. Amy decides to go to the bathroom while another girl talks to her about Jason. The other girl then mistakes her for someone else.
  • Amy and her parents get frozen in cyro chambers as Amy hears Ed and his friend saying that it would take 1 more year to take off.

2036 CEEdit

  • At this point, the ships name has been changed to Godspeed, meaning for goodluck.
  • As Godspeed takes off, the people wishes them goodluck and would soon forget them.
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